Strategy Of The Promoters To Attract Farmers & Traders

The promoters proposed to provide following facilities and amenities to the farmers and traders to attract more in number from the surrounded districts of Guntur to sell their agri products in the proposed market yard and purchase the required inputs (fertilizers, chemicals, seeds .farming equipment, etc)for them for cultivation purpose.

a). Free Transportation
The promoters propose to provide free transportation to the farmers from their fields to the proposed market yard to sell their products very easily with out any transport problems. The project will attract more number of farmers and traders by providing this kind of transportation facility and collect more quantity to trade in the proposed market yard and gets/generate commission on the traded or auctioned agriculture produce @ 4% on the auctioned value.

b). Free Food & Other Amenities
The promoters propose to provide free food to the farmers & traders at the restaurant/canteen proposed to be constructed in the market yard. In addition, the promoters at nominal rent to meet the maintenance cost. The promoters propose to conduct awareness programmes to the farmers & traders by creating awareness in surrounded districts of Guntur to educate them in farming activity .the promoters will also provide bath rooms,toilets,drinking water facilities, lighting and other facilities required by farmers and traders in general .

c). Online Trading Facility
The integrated infra marketing complex propose to provide on - line trading facility to the farmers and traders to sell their products reasonably.

d). Conduct of Farmers Awareness/Educational Programmes
The promoters would like to conduct awareness and educational programmes on farming & cultivating agricultural activities to the farmers and traders.?The promoters will identify the national & state level scientists / experts of agriculture to conduct /create awareness in farmers and traders to upgrade their skills to get high return.

e). Retail Outlets /malls The promoters want to construct retail outlets/malls to sell fertilizers , chemicals, seeds, equipment, etc required by the farmers and traders for the cultivation. the idea behind the promoters is to meet all the requirements of farmers and traders at one place integrating all requirement of agri producers.