Core infrstructure of marketing complex:

SBAM commercial-agriculture
  1. Central electronic action-two halls of 60 seats each
  2. Underground conveyer based material movements and mechanized handling with three Pre cooling units.
  3. Wholesale block cum godowns (30 big shop)
  4. One vegetable trimming ,washing ,grading and packing line
  5. Pack-house facilities
  6. Color vision systemqulity station,destoner and sorter
  7. Material lifting and ancillary equipments
  8. State of art testing certification laboratory and R&D center to meet International Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards
  9. Commodity exchange platform for spot electronic trading
  10. Automated total business process
  11. Environmental infrastructure -ETP/STP,Gen set
  12. Built up area for bank ,service Providers, Parking for truck and Cars, information center,rest rooms for farmers drivers and exporters