Fish Farming-Fish & Aqua Processing

Sri Bhuvaneswari group has invested ,most of their land bank over 250 acres ,for fish farming in the Guntur and Prakasam districts .Fish farming ,done scientifically has boosted consumer confidence in product quality while helping to ensure more orderly and timely harvesting / distribution of fresh fish food Producuts.Around 50% of demand for fish is currently being met by local supply .

Shrimp Processing Steps

Receiving :

Raw Material from farmers are weighed-in on a hopper scale near the entrance to the grading area. Information about each tub such as tub ID, age, farmer, etc are captured by Innova production control system.

De-heading :

A 3 lane conveyor system where all functions are reachable by the operators. The system can also be used as an inspection line. The design enables the shrimp head and reject products to be conveyed directly to the waste room.

Grading :

On Roller Graders, products are graded into 4 sizes according to thickness and 1 oversize grade. The size range of each grading is easily adjustable by changing roller distance or adjusting the collection chutes under the screens.

Vacuum Tumbling :

Minimizes soaking time and improves product yields by as much as 3 - 5% compared to traditional soaking. The Vacuum Tumbler also improves product quality as it massages the raw material during the tumbling process.

Cooking :

The Steam Cooker has a unique design where the conveyor belt is inclined, to ensure that the steam remains inside the hood and the product is covered with saturated steam at all times. Condensation of the excess steam will only take place below the product, in order to get the maximum yield.

Further Processing :

Whether we choose to flour, batter or bread, whether we opt for Japanese crumb, tempura or milk wash, for a natural or formed product, we have the best solution for it. Also our Gold Fryer cooks products wholly or partially using oil. Due to this type of heat treatment, shelf life is longer, products stay crispy and have a particularly tasty flavor. The fryer also contributes to a golden brown finish

Freezing : IQF Tunnel Freezer :

The IQF Tunnel freezer offers great flexibility as it can be used, in 2 different modes:

Mode 1: Product is surface frozen on the fast running upper belt. On the upper belt, the product is led pass the extremely high velocity Vertical airflow called Superflow. This ensures the product is surface frozen within a minimum time. Products are then transferred to the slower running lower belt where it is fully frozen.

Mode 2: As an option, the lower belt can be extended to run fragile and tray products.

Glazing :

Our standard Glazing line consist of a Glazer - Equalizing Conveyor - Hardening Tunnel/Refreeze.

Packing :

Our Multi head Weigher automatically portions and packs the finished product into virtually any type of tray, thermo pack, bag, can, glass or box. Products are dispensed into hoppers by vibrating feeders and weighed into exact portions. This process ensures minimal give away.

Intelligent production control system :

We have a software suite featuring a total plant control system enabling shrimp processing to have full control over production processes, inventories and material flows. The module is supporting all lines which include weighing, grading, de-heading, quality assurance, inventory and dispatch.

Storage of finished product :

The plant is having 3000 tons capacity cold store with two chambers and provided with Racking system .Loading and unloading of the product is by Fork lift and conveyors.

Major Machinery :

  • IQF 750kg/hour - 2 Nos
  • Plate Freezers 1000kg/batch - 2 Nos
  • Plate Freezers 500kg/batch - 2 Nos
  • Blast Freezer 2000 kg /Batch - 1 no.
  • Screw Compressors - 6 Nos
  • Flake Ice Machine 25 tpd - 2 Nos
  • Tube Ice Machine 50tpd - 1No.
  • Grading Machine - 2 Nos
  • Other equipment & Machinery