Contract Farming Scheme

SBAM commercial-agriculture

SBAM sponsors contract farming model,where the growers are assured about sale and remunerative prices for their crops.Regular agricultural advisory services on crop management to enhance the Production,productiveity ,quality and marketability of the farm produce are provided free of cost to all the farmers with the help of experts in respective areas.

Financial assistance and credit facilities are also arranged through yes bank for meeting the requirements of farm Production and marketing.

Contract farming scheme includes

  • Partner ships with local agencies
  • Execution of technology transfer through well trained extension personnel
  • Supply of all kinds of agricultural implements free of cost to contracted farmers
  • Supply of timely and quality inputs
  • Prompt procurement of produce from every individual contracted farmer
  • Transparent auction system using global and regional market intelligence and price patterns
  • Effective use of modern communication technology like mobile
  • Regular and timely payment to contracted farmers through computerized receipts and transparent system
  • Facilitating logistics till the farm gate
  • Compliance to all laid out systems in implementation of contract farming