Servvices of Agri - Product Collection Agents

The Agri - Products Collection Agents play very important role in the project. They act as marketing personnel by collecting the agri - products for the projects as well as advisors to the farmers for cultivating their fields with modern technology to get productivity and profits.In addition, the Agri - product Collection Agents provide the following services to the farmers .

  • Advise the famers for improving the soil conditions;
  • Suggest latest techniques in cultivation for cultivating more quality products with high yield;
  • Suggest for selection of quality seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, etc
  • Create awareness for undergoing training programmes and also arrange agri - tours for getting awareness on the latest cultivation techniques
  • Suggest to market/sell their agri - produce at the project site for getting competitive price by comparing the other market yards.
  • Suggest the facilities available at the project site viz, lodging & boarding,open auction platforms, ware housing facilities, cold storage facilities, etc in detail comparing the other projects
  • Create awareness about contract farming to enter into MoU with the Proposed project
  • Suggest the benefits going to get to store their agri - produce in the cold storage and get competitive price when the demand is more for the their produce by paying reasonable service charges

The agri - product Collection Agents purchase the agri - Products from the farmers by creating awareness and benefits going to get from the proposed project.