Benefits To Farmers / Traders FROM The Proposed Project

The main benefits that will accrue in the whole sale market yard are :

  • Advise the famers for improving the soil conditions;
  • Availability of auction platforms for marketing of the agricultural commodities / produce in market yard
  • Storage of agricultural commodities in cold storage and avail other warehouse facilities
  • Keeping the quality of commodities intact in either of the modes of storage
  • Better price to the farmers
  • Providing the credit facility to the farmers against the pledge of agricultural commodities and to provide support to the agriculture communities in their agricultural actives through extending credit facilities
  • Reduction in the wastage of commodities
  • Availability of seeds , fertilizer , pesticide , agricultural implements like power tillers , trailers , harvesting machines , motors , pump sets , oil engines , etc under Rythu maals
  • Availability of agricultural commodities for longer seasons
  • Potential for export market with international standard of packing
  • Providing the agricultural inputs on soft terms
  • Providing facilities for resting to the farmers and traders
  • Providing food facilities at subsidized prices to the farmers and agricultural traders
  • Providing the facilities of auction platform storage at cheaper prices
  • Curb malpractice in weighment
  • To protect the farmers from exploitative middlemen and traders

The agri - product Collection Agents purchase the agri - Products from the farmers by creating awareness and benefits going to get from the proposed project.