Sri Bhuvaneswari Agri Multiplex

SBAM commercial-agriculture

Mr.E.Prasad Rao, founder of SBAM, hails from a Progressive farming family. His aim is to Provide holistic service to farmers under one roof .His ambition is simultaneous value generation to producer as well as the consumer by eliminating excessive intermediationin the agri commodity value chain. He has the distinction of being the first license holder of private agri market yard in india. SBAM is creating a direct marketing channel to be the veritable gateway to high value commercial farming.

Farmer is the back bone for Indian society and growth in Agricultural sector can ignite the growth in other sectors with an aim to eliminate excessive role of middlemen marketing system, the Founder of SBAM has created the high end, state of the art agricultural market for liberal participation of producers. Apart from playing the role of state of the art Agricultural market, SBAM also strive to integrated with online trading of agricultural commodities. The convergence of spot markets and futures markets in agriculture is one of target for SBAM. The ongoing efforts to ensure supply of genuine agri inputs like seeds, pesticides and fertilizers to growers from SBAM will ensure providing quality agricultural inputs to farmers at affordable prices and in right time.

The vision of SBAM's Founder to help growers in assuring access to genuine agricultural inputs and also to ensure remunerative markets for the produce at the end of the season. Hence SBAM covers various phases of the agribusiness from agri- inputs through Rythu depots, providing private extension services to the growers, contact farming facilities, sale of the agri commodities and other services like grading cleaning, cleaning, sorting, primary handling and also value addition.